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Wedding Run


Wedding Run.

It is a cyclical sports event taking place every year in Kołobrzeg, continuously since 1987. The 15-kilometer wedding run attracts local jogging enthusiasts, as well as tourists who want to supplement the body with a solid dose of iodine in spring. Its aim is to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the end of the fighting for Kołobrzeg and the wedding with the sea, as well as to popularize running as a natural form of exercise and active recreation.


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The best climate for relaxation

Kołobrzeg has a long spa tradition – for almost 150 years it has attracted visitors from all over Europe. Its advantages are the beautiful architecture, great location, climate which is unique and beneficial for health and natural treasures – water and elements with good properties and therapeutic mud.

All this makes Kołobrzeg the perfect place to relax healthy but also to have great fun. The Kołobrzeg beach is one of the most beautiful on the Baltic Sea!

Not only spa guests come here – Kołobrzeg is also a favorite place for families with children, the young and ... movie stars. It is here the "Sunrise Festival" or the Ball party with club music and the Festival of genre cinema "Action Film Summer" have been taking place for years.

So if you appreciate the coastal climate and beautiful sandy beaches, peace and quiet, which are not synonymous with boredom - Kołobrzeg is the perfect place for you.


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