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Sung poetry concert





A concert of original sung poetry by the TYMCZASEM band.

The band consists of five musicians from Szczecin. Each concert is a real feast for all poetry lovers. The depth of the vocalist's songs is enhanced by the sounds of melodic violins, a touching flute and moving acoustic and bass guitars.




Apartamenty Świnoujście





Holidays on the islands

Świnoujście is one of the most unique cities in Poland. It is a well-known spa, frequently visited by tourists from all over Europe, standing out not only thanks to the wonderful beach and marina, but also a unique location. 

Świnoujście is situated on three large islands (Wolin, Uznam and Karsibór) and 41 smaller ones! Besides, the city is growing! Every year, thanks to sand brought by the waves it increases its surface. 

Another advantage of Świnoujście is a wonderful nature – a real wealth of unique

flora and fauna found in several nature reserves located there. 

When visiting Świnoujście do not not forget also that it is a well-known city port and spa known for its wealth of mud and brine. You can have not only a good, but also healthy rest. 

It is in Świnoujście that the Baltic sea is the warmest in summer, and the local beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award, given only to the best, as many as 10 times.


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