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Air travel to Kołobrzeg? Why not!

Teraz plaże w Zachodniopomorskiem są bliżej niż myślisz.

Now beaches in West Pomerania are closer than you think. Only two hours and you can rest in one of the most beautiful sea resorts in Poland!

Two airlines domestic PLL LOT and Irish Ryanair offer their customers a connection from Warsaw to Szczecin. The airport in Goleniów, just an hour away from Kołobrzeg, is a fantastic option to travel fast from the central Poland to the Western Polish Baltic coast.

You fly cheap – prices start at PLN 34 one way

Tickets can be booked on the carriers's websites, rates can change quickly, so it is a good idea to check the dates you have in mind as soon as you can. Are you planning a trip to the Sunrise Festival in Kołobrzeg? Book a flight for yourself and your friends now!

Now that we have the transport, all that is left is to find the right accommodation for summer voyage. If you are looking for a wallet-friendly places, you might want to check Kołobrzeg Morskie Oko. You can also go for rentnig a comfortable VacationClub™ apartment in the the location that is best for you.