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  1. Stays in VacationClub Apartments start from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the first day of the booked date. The Guest collects the Apartment and the keys to the Apartment from the Service Provider by checking the technical condition and cleanliness. The service provider's reception desks are open at certain times depending on the season and the locality. If the arrival is planned at times other than the opening hours of the reception, the Guest is obliged to notify the reception of the Service Provider at least 24 hours in advance. Arrivals in the evening and at night may be subject to an additional fee of up to PLN 100 (one hundred).
  2. During check-in, a deposit will be charged to secure any damage and shortage of equipment in the Apartment or failure to pay for the rental of the Apartment, subject to § 3 section 4 of the Booking Conditions. The amount of the deposit is PLN 1,000 (one thousand zlotys) for a penthouse and VacationHome partners or apartments with Jacuzzis or PLN 500 (five hundred zlotys) for all other apartments.
  3. The end of the stay takes place from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on the last day of the booked date. By 10:00 a.m., the Guest is obliged to return the keys at the local reception of the Service Provider.
  4. Guests are obliged to observe the hours of silence, health and safety rules and fire protection of the facility. From 10:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m., any behavior that interferes with the rest of the residents of the building is prohibited.
  5. The Guest is obliged to operate the Apartment in accordance with its intended purpose, not to remove any elements of its equipment from the Apartment, as well as to not copy the keys to the Apartment.
  6. Each time leaving the Apartment, the Guest should turn off all electrical appliances, turn off the lights, check the closing of windows and doors.
  7. The Guest should notify the Service Provider about the occurrence of damage immediately after its discovery.
  8. The Guest bears full financial responsibility for any kind of damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the Apartment, resulting from his fault or the fault of people visiting him.
  9. The Guest undertakes to ensure that the number of people staying with him in the Apartment does not exceed the one specified as the maximum on the website or on the booking confirmation.
  10. The Guest undertakes not to keep animals in the Apartment unless animals are allowed in the Apartment and has paid the fee for the animal.
  11. At the end of the stay, it is mandatory to clean the kitchenette (i. a. washing dishes, removing food and drink residues, throwing out garbage). In case of neglect of this obligation, the Guest will be charged with the amount of an additional cleaning service of the kitchenette in the amount of PLN 100.
  12. Smoking in apartments is completely prohibited. A guest who does not comply with this prohibition will be charged a fee of PLN 1,000 to cover the costs of washing m.in curtains, carpets, and bedspreads in the Apartment.
  13. In the event of a violation of the rules set out in the Booking Conditions, the Service Provider has the right to deduct from the collected deposit m.in the remuneration due for the stay of an unreported person, the cost of bringing the Apartment to its original state. In the event that the value of claims exceeds the value of the deposit, the Guest is obliged to immediately cover this difference.
  14. In the event of an extremely gross violation of the rules set out in the Booking Conditions, the Service Provider has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and remove the Guests together with accompanying persons from the Apartment.
  15. Any disputes arising from this agreement or arising in connection with it shall be settled by the Arbitration Court at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw (for Guest - entrepreneur only) in accordance with the Regulations of this Court in force on the date of filing the lawsuit.
  16. The availability of selected amenities and optional meals depends on the offer of a given Apartment and decisions made by state authorities due to the epidemic.
  17. Mobile Check-In is mandatory before arrival. Apartment key collection and return at VacationBox or key box. VacationClub will inform about key collection and return method before arrival.
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