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Questions & Answers


  • What is VacationClub?
    • VacationClub is a unique service offering apartments in the best locations throughout the country. We offer a high standard of rest, decor and services. Our apartments have a great location and are adjusted to the needs of people who want to spend holidays in an interesting place, and at the same time feel comfortable as in a luxury hotel.
  • How do I book an apartment?
    • When booking an apartment with VacationClub you can choose several ways of doing it. Choose the one which is the most comfortable for you. You can book an apartment on-line - just choose the right apartment for you at the indicated time and make on-line payment - by credit card or transfer. You can also book by calling our hotline or by going to one of the VacationClub offices. You can find helpline number and hours of its operation as well as office addresses on our website under Contact Us.
  • How can I contact VacationClub?
    • Our website in the Contact tab gives you all the information you need to contact us. We respond immediately and similarly do we try to solve your problems. You can write a message to us using the contact form on the page. You prefer to talk? Call our hotline - we work every day from 8:00 to 19:00.
  • How can I check the status of my booking?
    • Booking an apartment with VacationClub gives you constant access to your booking, so that you can check its details or make modifications. You can check its status any time logging in on your Guest profile or by contacting VacationClub.
  • Can I change or cancel a booking?
    • Of course, both the change of booking date, and its cancellation are possible. Unfortunately, not every change of date or cancellation will be costless. It depends on the conditions of the booking. You have questions? Contact us (using the contact form or calling the hotline), and we will help you go through this procedure and answer all your questions.
  • What are the advantages of setting up a Guest profile at VacationClub?
    • Having a VacationClub Guest profile is not only convenient (you have free access to the history of your bookings as well as you can see your current bookings), but also beneficial. Setting up an account and becoming our Guest means the possibility of using attractive and premium offers, prepared specifically for you (according to your preferences). You can also create your own VacationClub™ Travels Map, which will help you remember the most beautiful memories, wherever you want and whenever you want.
  • I do not remember my VacationClub Guest profile login and password. How do I recover access to it?
    • No problem. Remember that your login is the e-mail address that you used when setting up your VacationClub account. Use the same e-mail address when you select the recover password option available in the login password recovery window. Full and simple instructions will be sent directly to your inbox. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us - we will help.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit when booking an apartment?
    • We collect the deposit in the case of loss of equipment in the apartment booked and any damage. The deposit amounts to PLN 1,000 for Penthouse apartment in Mielno and PLN 400 PLN for all other apartments. We will ask you to pay it upon collecting keys in our office. It will returned (in full or with any necessary costs deducted) within 14 days of your departure.
  • How can I ask any specific questions about e.g. the apartment, the possibility of brining pets or extra baby cot?
    • A detailed list of equipment available in the apartment you have selected can be found in its description on the VacationClub website. If you want to find out more or have any requests - contact VacationClub. We will try to help.
  • What do I do and where do I seek help, if there is a breakdown or accident during my stay in the apartment?
    • In the event of an accident, fire, power failure or any situation presenting a risk to the health or life of guests or third parties you must notify the emergency services immediately. Please also contact your local VacationClub office immediately.

      Emergency numbers:
      112 – general emergency
      997 – police
      998 – fire brigade
      999 – ambulance
  • Is there a possibility of buying additional services, e.g. cleaning or laundry?
    • Booking an apartment, you will be obliged to cover the obligatory cost of apartment's cleaning and preparation which in Penthouse apartment in Mielno amounts to PLN 350, whereas in all other apartments PLN 180. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of buying additional cleaning or laundry. The apartment may be located in a building with a separate laundry room - this information will certainly be provided in the apartment description.
  • Can I receive visitors in apartment booked?
    • Of course, make yourself at home. During the daytime you can receive guests and invite them e.g. to a dinner you will have cooked. Remember that your guests (unless they are registered when booking the apartment) cannot stay with you at night - say goodbye to them before 22:00. The same rules as in any hotels apply to the VacationClub apartments.
  • Does the price I pay for the stay in the apartment include all fees?
    • The offered price of the stay in VacationClub™ apartment includes all costs of the stay (electricity, water, Internet) and VAT. Choosing an apartment, our Guests also pay the obligatory cleaning fee, which is added automatically during the transaction. The cleaning fee in Penthouse apartment in Mielno amounts to PLN 350, whereas in all other apartments PLN 180. While checking in, the Guests are also requested to pay the resort fee and leave the deposit. The deposit amount is PLN 1,000 for Penthouse apartment in Mielno, and PLN 400 for all other apartments.
  • What is the apartment furnishing?
    • Each of our holiday apartments is described in detail on our website. You can easily find all the appliances and amenities awaiting you in the VacationClub apartments. Regardless of which one you chose for your holiday, rest assured that every effort is being made to make their standard the highest possible, so that you and your family can spend the holiday comfortably and nicely.
  • How can I receive booking confirmation?
    • When you book a stay in a VacationClub apartment, our system creates a unique Guest profile for you will. It allows you to log on to our website and check not only your booking confirmation and status, but also track the history of your VacationClub bookings. In addition, confirmation will come to the e-mail address you have provided.
  • When and how can I pick up the apartment keys?
    • We look forward to your arrival at our local VacationClub offices. Not only can will you receive the keys there, but you can also always count on our help and support. You are welcome!
  • Are there bed linen and towels in the apartment?
    • We have prepared our club "Gentle touch" towels and "Sweet dreams" bed linen for you in each of our apartments. They are made from 100 percent high-quality and crisp white cotton. And they are exactly the same as in the best hotels. And all of this to make you feel really special.
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
    • Check-in begins on the day of your arrival, in Kołobrzeg and Mielno from 16.00 to 18.00 and in Świnoujście and Ustronie Morskie from 16.00 to 20.00 and ends between 08.00 and 10.00 on the departure day.
  • Is it possible to pay with a debit card?
    • Of course! You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and JCB credit cards for staying in VacationClub holiday apartments. For your relaxation you can also pay on-line by bank transfer and with the help of on-line payment systems. Choose the most convenient way for you and do not wait to take your leave.
  • Is cleaning included in the price?
    • Yes. Buying a stay in VacationClub™ holiday apartments, our Guests also pay the cleaning fee. In Penthouse apartment in Mielno it amounts to PLN 350, whereas in all other apartments PLN 180. The fee is indicated at each stage of the apartment’s booking.
  • Are there parking facilities?
    • Yes of course! Most apartments have one assigned parking space. Depending on the apartment and its location this may be external or internal parking. All information relatingto parking can be easily found in the apartment description on our website. If you have a problem, or custom needs, please contact our office, Call Centre or write to us - we will try to help.
  • Is there a possibility of ordering catering?
    • Of course! We want to make our guests feel special and absolutely great so we care about their comfort. When resting in a holiday apartment in Kolobrzeg, our guests have the opportunity to buy at attractive prices half board in friendly hotels Marine Hotel ***** & Ultra Marine, Dune Hotel & Resort *****, Sand Hotel **** and Jantar Hotel *** & SPA. These are always delicious, rich and very diverse meals in form of buffets.
  • What kind of amenities and activities can I count on resting with VacationClub?
    • It is difficult to be bored when staying in a VacationClub apartment.Our apartments are distinguished only with a high standard, but also with a wide range of additional benefits. Upon check-in in our office, in addition to the seaside apartment keys you will also receive a special coupon (for you and each of the people registered in the apartment) for a free entry to the swimming pool, spa area, gym or KidsClub in one of the friendly Zdrojowa Hotels group Kołobrzeg hotels. It is also a towel voucher. Each voucher must be returned at check-out in a VacationClub office. Otherwise, your account will be debited for the amount of PLN 50 for each lost voucher.
  • Is it possible to bring a dog?
    • Of course! VacationClub holiday apartments cordially invite your pets. If you want to bring your pet (small one – up to 5 kg!) - Please so! Just ask for a Pet Accommodation offer when booking your stay in our apartments!
  • I want to come on holiday with a small child. Can I count on some conveniences?
    • VacationClub and our apartments are the best choice for a family trip. Even a holiday with a baby will be comfortable - our apartments are provided with special cots for small children. If you need other facilities or have any questions - please contact us. We can help!



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