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Kołobrzeg – the best spot for surfers at the Baltic coast

Baltic is a good place for people who want to start surfing adventure or those who are looking to improve their skills. That's true, you won't come across such great waves like on the ocean but experienced fans of this sport recommend Kołobrzeg as one of the best spots on the Baltic.


Why Kołobrzeg?

The news holds that this is the place where waves appear most often and they have considerable large amount of energy. More experienced surfers are able to stand and swim, and beginners can master the art of the so-called "paddling". Year-on-year on the Kołobrzeg’s beach appear larger groups of surfers, dressed in characteristic black foams, from Poland, Germany and Russia.



Apartments in Kołobrzeg

If you are a surfer and looking for a comfortable place to relax after a day spent on waves in Kołobrzeg, check out the VacationClub™ apartments. In addition to the convenient spot in the top location in Kołobrzeg, you can use the swimming pools or saunas in the 4 and 5 star hotels.    

Will Kołobrzeg become a mecca of Polish surfing? We hope so!