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In autumn go to the Baltic Sea

Skeptics may fear the risk of bad weather, but fans know the benefits. From lower prices, empty beaches and the lack of traffic jams, to the unique aesthetic experience. Autumn Polish sea is particularly charming, and Kołobrzeg rejoices a better weather than anywhere else.

Days off in the autumn is a way to prolong the holiday as well as the last chance to recharge the batteries before the overwhelming winter. Although you cannot expect nice July or August temperatures in the end of September or October, but especially in Kołobrzeg the weather these months usually still allows for spending time in the open air.

It is true you cannot hope for sea bathing in the autumn, but this is not certain in the summer either. A well developed infrastructure and a wide range of ever more modern buildings and apartments like VacationClub™ give guests access to a comfortable indoor pool, effectively compensating the seasonal lack of warm sea baths.

It is also hard to overestimate the lack of traffic jams, queues and crowds as well as vast beaches, often "exclusive". In autumn, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful views, filled with a riot of colors, from the turquoise and navy blue sea to the autumn gold and red, rejoice the sound of the Baltic Sea and a large (much greater than in the summer) dose of iodine. Fans of sight-seeing will also appreciate the availability of coastal attractions without the crowd.

The icing on the cake of an autumn stay on the Polish coast is a very competitive – in relation to the summer months – price. Just like that! Autumn vacation time on the Baltic Sea!