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The Lowest Price Guarantee


Smart Fox makes a promise - we have the lowest price!

Can you sniff a lower price? We will beat it by 10%!


  • How does it work?
    • The Lowest Price Guarantee from VacationClub gives you certainty that on no other platform will you book the same apartment on the same date for the same time and on the same conditions in a lower price than the one given on www.vacationclub.pl

      The Lowest Price Guarantee applies to the price per night (with breakfast) for the chosen dates (and not the price for the whole stay) and refers to bids denominated in PLN.

      The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to stay packages, group buying, prices for conferences and groups, specific promotional offers entitling to additional discounts (e.g. promotional codes).

      The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to websites requiring subscription or online registration, as well as programmes requiring a password or logging on in order to check rates and availability. This includes all types of subscriptions and all programmes in which membership is not automatic and requires consumers to "register" to become a member; any online or mobile interfaces, that are password protected and those in which it is required for the consumers to fill in specific customer profile.
  • How can you benefit from it?
    • If you outsmart the Fox and do find a lower price, come back to us within 24 hours of making your reservation, but at least 72 hours before arrival (for bookings made less than 72 hours before arrival Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply). Be sure to attach the evidence of finding a lower price (eg. screenshot) and to give us a link to the competitive offer in the Application Form, which you will find below. For reliability check, the lower price offer must be public also at the time of verification by VacationClub.

      We promise that we will beat it and offer you another 10% off your stay!
  • What else do you need to know?
    • Bookings with the approved Lowest Price Guarantee application are non-transferable. At check-in please present an ID.

      You cannot make any changes to bookings with the with the approved Lowest Price Guarantee application, in particular as to the apartment, time of stay, number of people.


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